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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2011|08:49 pm]
Life is like a drama.


(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2011|12:05 am]
August was full of Ups and Downs.

Embracing this September with lots of XOXO! 
Please don't disappoint me! ;)

Few reasons for loving this month:

1: High-tea with girly
2: Movie date with darlings
3: Facial & Massage with mommy dearest
4: Ms P is due this month - It's a baby boy!
5: Turning 2yrs old in xxxxhole on Ruru's birthday! (yay can celebrate together lol)
6: 19th & 20th - On Course
7: 21st - Attend talk till 11am then PM AL (date me! haha!)
8: Waiting for good news... hmm...

(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2011|09:06 pm]
Bad Karma.


(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2011|02:09 pm]
Since Girly has commented that my blog is so dead, I shall post up a random entry!
Okay, here you go!

I'm on leave today and currently chatting with her on Msn now!

Miss days like this where I could just 'nua' at home.
You've got no idea how much I dislike travelling to hell-hole.

Life has been pretty bad.
Esp the start of July. 

Many Must-dos & Want-to-dos!

I should just shut up and stop whining because it won't change anything!
I just hope to get over with this stupid month asap and welcome August with many loves!

8/8 - AL
9/8 - PH
10/8 to 12/8 - On course

Shiok or what! :D
Whole week don't have to return to shitty place.

After having so much shit thrown at me, I'm turning more pessimistic towards Life.

I'm afraid of making mistakes.
I'm afraid that I can't cope with the stress I'm gonna face next year.
I'm afraid that I can't handle my time well.
I'm afraid of high expectations.

Oh dear!
I need to find myself back!
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2011|12:23 am]
Last Friday was bad.
Real bad. :(
Hopefully things will turn out for the better.

Comfort food to cheer myself up.

Dinner date with Paulyn when she just got back from Korea. ^ ^

Unglams @ Work.
This is how we drink Koi's Macchiato.

Counting down to...
it's like taking forever... +_+

(no subject) [Jun. 4th, 2011|07:45 pm]
Many outdated pictures...

The day before we left for TW. :D
Half day @ work and we're like practically doing nothing.
Holiday mood already! Hee.

Gift-exchange day! Hahaha.
My darling has came back from HK!
So miss her and we love the pastas served at Sushi Tei! 
We are the fatty bomboms!

Girlies date @ MBS! 
The last time I saw her was in March! 
Gosh. It's June now and her birthday is coming soon again!

Chocolate Buffet!
Hmm, i still prefer the one at Fullerton. More varieties over there.

We love their macaroons! 

Girly is imagining herself in HK. Lol.

Puipui came to join us after that and off we went to Conrad for their Jumbo Orange Juice!

Another familiar face which I've not seen for the longest time!
My Miss Ruru - The ambassador for Oyster Chips

Sugar Granny with love!
Finally got to try it out after so long. They have really nice desserts!
Love, when are we going there again?

(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2011|08:34 pm]
I've got so much to update!
But not now.

Another time perhaps!

Shall post up all the random photos first.

The day we went for Chocolate Buffet!

Me & my love! Before we leave for our lunch.

Two boring ladies during the lesson.
Glad to have a familiar face(Jenny from HQ) attending the same course as me!

Dinner & shopping with her after our class has ended.
Taking my own sweet time inside the Ladies lol.

(no subject) [May. 29th, 2011|12:05 am]
Hello iPhone4 White! :D

Now, I've got couple phone with both darling & love!
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2011|09:51 pm]

Seriously, I miss everything in Taiwan!

- Miss the days when we would just wake up and think of what to eat, where to go...

- Miss the days when my love would bring me 环岛追追追... (still love her as much even though her directions could be wrong at times hahaha esp when I'm in need of Ladies!)

- Miss the days when my love would offer to buy me nice bf while I take my own sweet time...

- Miss the days when we would sleep and laugh together under our blanket till we doze off... (still love her as much even though she kicks me almost every single night hahaha)

However, I'm back to the reality!
Back to 8am - 5pm days! :'(

And most imptly, I hate the fact that I've grown fatter!

Need to do something about it if not I would really need to get a dog by the age of 28. (inside joke lol!)

(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2011|08:48 pm]
I left my heart in Taiwan...
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